Legal Advisories for Employees

Rahul Guha, Career Coach and Founder of the Academy has over two decades of experience leading the Human Resources function with various corporates in hospitality, manufacturing, and infrastructure. 

Being a law graduate and Labour law advisor,⚖️ he has been part of several business decisions related to people, designed company rules in consultation with the law of the land, and handled many actions about employees or a body of employees. 

The pandemic has taught us crucial lessons: companies took drastic steps to scaffold sliding business activities, and employees witnessed harsh decisions. All these were never actioned out of the context of law. 

👋Indian employment law is meant to protect workers. There is no straight law for supervisors and above employees. One needs to rest upon multiple other acts to find safeguards for managers.  

We are only reminded of the law when we are in soup! Some letter, communication, bond, or notice startles us as we surf Google to find a way out. If you are not an expert in the law, finding a ready-made internet solution could be more suicidal. 

Ensuring legal safety is paramount when navigating the complexities of employment contracts, bonds, agreements, or ESOP offerings. In such situations, seeking guidance from employee legal advisories can provide you with the necessary expertise and protection.

👋We specialize in understanding the intricacies of employment law and can offer valuable insights and advice tailored to your specific situation. 

Whether you are uncertain about the terms and conditions of an employment contract or need assistance with understanding your rights in case of termination or being placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), these experts can guide you through the process while minimizing potential damage.

By consulting with employee legal advisories, you gain access to professionals who deeply understand labour laws and regulations. They can help you analyze your situation objectively, identify potential risks or loopholes in your contracts or agreements, and provide strategic recommendations on approaching challenging circumstances without compromising your rights.

Furthermore, these advisors can assist in negotiating favorable terms during contract discussions or disputes, ensuring that you are protected from unfair clauses or obligations.

Their expertise extends beyond just reactive support; they also offer proactive measures to mitigate future risks by providing guidance on best practices for maintaining a healthy employer-employee relationship.

It always makes proper sense to seek advice on subjects you lack expertise in from employee legal advisories, which is crucial when faced with uncertainties related to employment contracts, bonds, agreements, ESOP offerings, terminations, show-cause notices, or Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs). 

A company may discreetly backlist employees, making it difficult for them to obtain employment elsewhere. We commit to providing you with options that minimize potential damage. 

Feel free to reach out for professional guidance regarding protecting yourself legally in the workplace. You can drop us a WhatsApp message 🤙+91 7303354561 seeking time for discussion or drop a mail at 📩