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Your Neck Length Reveals Your Personality

Beyond Appearances: Exploring the Real Factors that Shape Personality
I am sharing this piece of writing, initially written by Roopashree  Sharma.
This is interesting, mainly from the perspective of job seekers. When you attend an interview and have no inkling about the interviewer's background, the person's physical traits may shed some light on their personality, and your performance may depend on the same. 
I also want to alert you that success in an interview is never easy; you should only partially depend on your reading of the person with these physical traits, as you are not an expert. These only confirm your thoughts and understanding of the personality of the interviewer.

No alt text provided for this imageshort neck signifies you are practical and down-to-earth, with a knack for solving problems. You can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. You are persistent and resilient. In your actions and decisions, you are grounded and steady. A short neck is often associated with stability and a strong sense of self. The neck often doesn't get much attention as a physical feature that can reveal insights about our personalities. Here, we'll explore the qualities associated with long and short necks. To measure your neck length, compare it to the widths of your hands (excluding your thumbs).If more than one hand fits between your collarbone and chin, you have a longer-than-average neck; if only one or fewer hands hold, it is shorter. This is, of course, just an approximate measure, but it may still indicate who you are on the inside!

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#1 Long-neck personality traits

You likely have a long neck if you can fit more than four fingers beneath your chin when placing your hand horizontally.
Those with this excellent physical feature tend to have the admirable qualities of grace and wisdom. They often elegantly carry themselves, and their poised demeanor leaves an indelible mark on those they meet. It is commonly recognized that having a long neck reflects a great understanding of life and an intense thirst for knowledge. 

At the same time, they are emotionally aware and can easily recognize the needs of others around them. Enhanced intuition allows them to make wise decisions, and this, combined with clear communication, makes them excellent leaders.
Furthermore, they have vivid imaginations and creative skills, which make them adept at art forms such as music, painting, or writing.

Despite being sensitive to the emotions of others, they also cherish their independence and individuality.

Key Personality Traits: Graceful, elegant, wise, curious, empathetic, compassionate, vividly imaginative, articulate, great communicator, independent, self-reliant.

Career options: modelling, dancer, singer, actor, photographer, painter, author, teacher, etc.
(These are just a few career options for people with long necks. There are many other possibilities, depending on your interests and skills.)

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#2 Short Neck personality traits

You have a short neck if there is not enough space for even four fingers when you place your hand horizontally under your chin.

If you have a short neck, your personality traits reveal that you are grounded and persistent. You are known for your practical and down-to-earth nature. You have a knack for finding sensible solutions to problems. You are tenacious and resilient. You have the determination to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. A short neck is often associated with stability and a strong sense of self. You are grounded and steady in your actions and decisions.

People with short necks have a strong sense of duty and responsibility towards others. You are reliable and committed to fulfilling your obligations. You are attentive to details, often noticing things that others might overlook.

You have a pragmatic approach to life, preferring practicality over unnecessary complications.

Short-necked individuals are realistic and level-headed. You don't easily get carried away by fantasies and prefer to stay rooted in reality.
You possess remarkable patience, enabling you to wait for the right opportunities and make well-thought-out decisions. People with short necks are consistent in their actions and behavior. 

You are dependable and can be relied upon in various situations. Despite your practical nature, you also have an adaptable personality and can easily adjust to new circumstances.

Key Personality Traits: Grounded, persistent, practical, down-to-earth, determined, strong sense of responsibility, realistic, patient, adaptable, rooted in reality.

Career options: Software engineer, data scientist, web developer, graphic designer, accountant, writer, editor, etc.
(These are just a few career options for people with short necks. There are many other possibilities, depending on your interests and skills.)

This method of understanding personality is time-tested and scientific; there are controversies. My purpose in helping you assess certain personality aspects based on the physical features of the person you are interacting with for the first time. These readings help in conversations where convincing or building trust is essential.

If you find this exciting, share it with others and put your thoughts in a comment.  

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