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Struggling to stand out in a tough job market? Your most relevant and in-demand profile is crucial to landing your dream job. We help you create a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile and extend the support for the next 90 days to align you with our job-hunting strategies. Our ...


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They are no different except for their Mindset and ability to follow a process

Success is an outcome of a differentiated strategy and not being on the grind. Job hunting is no less important than marketing your talent to the right audience! If you care to stop your frustration by continuously applying with no reverts, listen to me!

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I am fortunate to have connected with Rahul when I was stuck in my career. He created my Resume and LinkedIn profile. I got a job within 50 days. It was right to invest in Profile remake services and restart my LinkedIn Journey. Profiles are best made by experts like Rahul.

Sharwari Patil
Key Account Manager

It was on notice and waiting for a break! Luckily, I got connected with Coach Rahul; He crafted my CV and a new LinkedIn profile. When I grew my connections to about 30 people, the magic happened when I got a job from my connection on LinkedIn.

Kallol Dutta
GM Restaurant Operations

I approached Rahul to revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile, as responses from recruiters were rare. He went beyond just creating my profiles; he sorted my queries and helped me with job hunting with live sessions. Happy to have invested in him.

Manish Jain
GM Customer Experiance

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How We Deliver

If you are looking for a quick turnaround, I recommend dedicating at least three days to the resume and a couple of more days to LinkedIn. This will allow both of us to thoroughly review and update your profile without any glitches in grammar, spelling errors, skill selection, or story writing. We will make efforts to deliver the whole project in six days. 

Absolutely! AI resume tools can be a great support to create a well-written and visually appealing resume that is ATS friendly, provides language assistance, has multiple professional templates, and provides content suggestions, even if English isn't your strong suit.   These tools are designed to ensure that your qualifications and achievements are effectively communicated to potential employers.

Executive summary is a shortened resume. Most recruiters do not spend more than a minute to scan a resume, what we share in summary are the career highlights, achievements, awards and specific competence or niche that has delivered benefits to organizations. This is recommended for people above ten yours of work experience. One should keep both Executive Summary and a structured Resume that can be used depending on the requirement, stature of the person you are interacting and the position you are applying for. 

Yes, you can ask for one amendment within the first 90 days free of charge. However, we provide all softcopy design links for you to make any changes without depending on us. We also train you on alteration methods as we deliver the profiles. You need to refer to the Flash report to understand which tools are used to score various sections of your resume, so that you can take advantage of those as you amend your profile.

Pertinent question, only if your resume becomes marketable and compelling will you convert your job search efforts positively. We care for a few factors like scalability; your resume or profile will feature on the first page of searches on LinkedIn or in job portals like Naukri. Secondly, your Story or Headline must be so interesting that people are excited to explore your resume further, and thirdly, your solving ability, and use case must be anchored in your profile so that you create enough authority in your subject or function. These are just a few that may help you understand that a Resume, LinkedIn profile, or digital profile is created with the purpose of marketing you better and beating your competition. 

You need to make full advance payment to start the service. You may pay eighter through the platform or ask for a payment link. Once you pay, you will automatically receive payment receipt and your services starts with an onboarding call. In case of any unforeseen delay use WhatsApp +917303354561 to interact with us. 

We are committed to building your profiles, like resumes, LinkedIn profiles, Digital profiles, or Executive summaries. As we complete this task, you will receive eBooks that detail how to use your profile, how to network, etc. Along with that, we will customise your Cover letter and LinkedIn invite templates. You will receive multiple other formats of these communication templates that may help you create your own if you need them in the future.  Not only will you receive these ebooks and contents, but you will also keep receiving career tips and invites to attend live sessions that will guide your job search. You can lifetime chat with us for any queries.


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